SEND and Inclusion

Learning Disability Team

Learning Disability Nurses can offer advice and intervention with:

  • Behaviour difficulties – Challenging behaviour
  • Sleep
  • Continence and toilet training
  • Eating Difficulties
  • Independence promotion – developing self-help skills
  • Access to health care
  • Health care coordination for children with complex needs
  • Understanding and management of a health care issue

We also offer group sessions in the following areas for children/young people and their families:

  • Pre-school Parent and Child programme – For parents and children aged 2-4 years, providing advice and support to promote healthy lifestyles and development of self-help skills.
  • Early Bird Parent Programme – For parents of a pre-school child who has received a diagnosis of Autism.
  • Siblings Group – Supporting children and young people understand their sibling’s disability.
  • Triple P Stepping stones – Positive Parenting Programme.

We accept referrals from all agencies. Parents and carers can request a referral through their GP, Social Worker or other professionals involved in your child/young person’s care.

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