Funding for the Early Years and Childcare Entitlement

Provider Portal for the Funded Early Years and Childcare Entitlement

The Capita One Provider Portal is a secure, web-based system that allows an authorised person to:

  • Undertake eligibility checks for two year old early education places;
  • Check the progress with two year old eligibility checks that you have undertaken;
  • Complete your headcount form for 2, 3 and 4 year old funded education places;
  • Undertake validation checks for the 30 hours funded entitlement for working parents of three and four year olds (extended entitlement); and
  • Update setting information i.e. vacancies, costs etc.

In order to gain access to the Provider Portal, you must email: 

If you already have a login for the Capita One Provider Portal, you can access the One system here.

Portal Query Team Contact Details
Headcount and support on completing headcount tasks Strategic Finance Unit: 01204 337169
Technical support (accounts/password resets) Information Management:
Eligibility checking and support using the eligibility checkers for two years and 30 hours Families Information Service: 01204 332170

Further guidance on the use of the system can be found below.



Self Update Area of the Portal - User Guide
The Self Update Area of the Portal enables early years providers to maintain and submit provision information to the local authority. This information is then made available to parents/carers who enquire about childcare provision through My Life in Bolton.

Provider Portal Privacy Notice
A document outlining the information we gather about parents and their children and how this is processed to enable us to identify eligibility for 2 year old funded early education and childcare.

Provider Portal - Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
User Access Form and associated Terms of Reference for early years providers requiring access to the Capita Early Years Portal.

Provider Portal Protocol Form
Details the role and responsibility of Bolton Council and Early Years Settings in the use of the Capita One Early Years Provider Portal to carry out:

  • submission of headcount information on children in setting;
  • undertaking eligibility checks for two-year-old funding places on behalf of parents.

Provider Portal Training Slides
Early Years Portal Training for the 2 year old process and eligibility checking.

Provider Portal 30 Hours Guidance
Early Years Portal guidance for 30 hours including headcount, navigation, validation, support and more.

Provider Portal 2 Year Old Guidance
Early Years Portal guidance for 2 year olds including navigation, assisted application, family/child claim, application search and more.

Provider Portal Headcount Guidance
Early Years Portal guidance for headcount including navigation, messages, tasks, submission download and more.

Provider Portal Frequently Asked Questions
Factsheet for providers outlining frequently asked questions associated with the Early Years Provider Portal.

Provider Portal Self Update Early Years Census
Early Years Census – Portal User Guide.