SEND and Inclusion

Referrals to Ladywood Outreach or Educational Psychology from Early Years Settings

Ladywood Outreach Service

Ladywood Outreach Service is part of a provision provided by Ladywood School. It provides a service to private and voluntary nurseries in Bolton (not home based childcare).

Through the Outreach Service, Ladywood are able to share the knowledge and expertise they have developed in order to support partnership settings with the range of child learning and communication difficulties now encountered on a regular basis in mainstream settings.

Ladywood Outreach Service has been developed to support the inclusion of children with a complexity of learning and communication difficulties, in addition to the full range of autistic spectrum disorders in mainstream settings. Ladywood Outreach Service aims to have a long term impact on inclusive practice in mainstream schools in line with the development of the future role of Special Schools.

A child can be referred to Ladywood Outreach Service once their free funding entitlement commences i.e. the term following their 2nd or 3rd birthday.

Educational Psychology

We deliver an Educational Psychology Service to early years settings. This involves working with children who have/may have additional needs in a variety of ways, for example, consultations, observations and/or assessments.

We also work with parents/carers, staff and other agencies to achieve the best outcomes for the child. This may or may not involve writing a report.  We provide psychological advice to contribute to Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment.


In order to support the offer for children in the Early Years with SEND, from the specialist advice from Educational Psychology and Ladywood Outreach Service, a Single Point of Access (SPOA) panel has been developed. This panel will meet fortnightly and will take referrals so that providers do not have to make multiple referrals and children’s needs can be assessed in a timely fashion.

The flowchart titled ‘EY SEND SPOA Process’ sets out when and how providers might make these referrals.  This flowchart can be accessed below:



Please note that for children who are in their final year of nursery provision, it will not be possible to accept applications to EYSPOA during the second half of the summer term. By this point in the year, you will be well on with transition arrangements for the child and the there is not sufficient time for the Educational Psychology Service or Ladywood Outreach to become involved before the point of transition. Please ensure that your transition plan is robust and that the receiving school are fully aware of the child’s needs.

In the unlikely event that you are working with a child for whom there is not yet any support in place at this time of year, please contact Start Well SEND Team for further advice.


What do I need to include in my SPOA referral?

You will need to submit:

  • A completed referral Child Information Sheet
  • Information that demonstrates how you have already supported the child through the 'Graduated Approach' (Access, Plan, Do, Review process) for at least 2 cycles e.g. IEP's, play plans, provision maps etc.
  • A completed EYFS Rating of Concerns Scale
  • An up-to-date Early Help Review that details the concerns and what support has been offered so far, evidence of strategies and documentation gathered.

Please send any queries to the EY SEND Single Point of Access inbox at:


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