SEND and Inclusion

Early Help Assessment

A child’s difficulties must be assessed so that the right support can be provided. This should include asking parents what they think, talking to professionals who work with the child, and looking at records and other information. This could mean getting advice and further assessment from someone like an educational psychologist, a specialist teacher or a health professional.

The directory link below shows the local 0-19/25 Public Health teams linked to schools and settings in Bolton.  Each 0-19/25 team has a team leader that education professionals can contact either by telephone or email to discuss children and families when there is concern or an identified need.

You will need permission from parents prior to contacting the 0-19/25 service, unless you assess the child to be at significant risk of harm, in which case safeguarding procedures must be adhered to.


Directory of Public Health Nurses Linked to Settings


The Early Help Assessment should be undertaken when there are initial concerns about a child’s development and progress. You can check if a child has an Early Help Assessment by contacting the Early Help team by phone: 01204 331392 or e-mail:

If a child has not had an Early Help Assessment you can find further information about starting the process at:


Early Help Assessment and Action Plan

Early Help Review


Reviews of Early Help should take place every 8-10 weeks.

The documents have been uploaded to the Bolton Safeguarding Children Website and the schools Extranet.