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EYFS Flexibility: Department for Education 'Pulse' survey

The Department for Education (DfE) is currently inviting all school-based and group-based early years settings for whom they have an email address to take part in a weekly ‘pulse’ survey. The first survey went live on Monday 10th January.  

The DfE is running this survey to understand the impact of COVID on early years settings, focusing on workforce and child absences. The DfE knows that there is concern about workforce absence as part of the latest wave of the pandemic but has limited regular, up-to-date data about this. This survey will be crucial to obtaining an accurate picture of the issues that the childcare and early years sector are facing on a regular basis. As the DfE ended the weekly survey of early years settings via local authorities in December last year, they plan to use this pulse survey to gather the most essential information about operating status, the impact of workforce issues and children’s attendance directly from early years providers. 

Participation involves early years settings filling in a very short weekly survey during January and February, at which point the DfE will review the need for the collection. The DfE envisages that an overall summary of results will be published regularly.

If you have any questions about this collection, please do get in touch with the DfE at: EY.analysisandresearch@education.gov.uk

Childcare sufficiency in Bolton

We have a responsibility to carry out an annual childcare sufficiency assessment in Bolton to:

  • make sure we have enough childcare in Bolton
  • help childcare providers plan their business
  • explain how we work with childcare providers to deliver funded early education programme

Copies of the latest annual sufficiency assessment reports are available on the Bolton Council website under Policies, strategies and procedures.

Alternatively, please click here