Teacher Profile

Halimah Omarjee


Halimah graduated from the University of Manchester in July 2020 and started her role at Bolton Start Well in November 2020. Alongside her studies, Halimah worked as a Library Assistant here in Bolton where she led monthly craft sessions for children.

Halimah is an advocate for children and their families, ensuring children have the best opportunities to develop speech and language skills. Halimah enjoys working directly with children and their families to provide advice and strategies on how they can embed language development into their daily routines. Halimah is keen to educate others on the importance of Early Intervention and Identification. Halimah recognizes the importance of parents feeling empowered in their interactions, and enjoys seeing children become confident communicators.

As part of her role, Halimah sees children and their families face to face and across nursery settings. Additionally, Halimah delivers training to the Early Years Workforce on how to support children’s communication and language development within a universal setting.

Halimah has a BSc (Hons) in Speech and Language Therapy – meaning she has the relevant theoretical background and practical knowledge to effectively support children, and those working with children, with their communication and language development.

My Courses

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