Teacher Profile

Maariyah Arshad


Maariyah works with children and families, providing intervention for those with identified speech and language and communication needs, as well as advice and support within universal services promoting communication for all children.

Maariyah is passionate about children being given the best opportunities for communication, whether this is within the home or the early education setting. She enjoys working directly with children and parents in groups, building easy rapport and sharing strategies and activities parents can use with children at home. She enjoys seeing the growth in confidence of parents, as well as the development of communication skills in the children.

Maariyah is now a licensed Elklan tutor. She has delivered a range of training packages focusing on typical communication development as well as advice, strategies and interventions such as the Communication and Language Journey, WellComm toolkit and support to use the Bolton Integrated Communication and Language Pathway.

Maariyah has a BSc (Hons) in Speech Pathology and Therapy – meaning she has the relevant theoretical background and practical knowledge to effectively support children, and those working with children with their communication and language development.

My Courses

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