Start Well Early Years Foundation Stage Offer for Early Education and Childcare Settings

Start Well Assessment and Moderation Activity for Early Education and Childcare Settings

EYFS Profile Completion

In-house support for providers who have reception age children and need to complete an EYFS Profile.

This supportive visit will ensure practitioners new to the EYFS/ NQTs or those who need a refresher understand their responsibility to complete and submit the statutory EYFS Profile assessment.

Early Years Outcomes Moderation Meeting

These meetings will provide an opportunity for Bolton practitioners working in schools and settings to share the judgements they have made of their key children’s attainment and their progress using the EYFS Early Years outcomes. These will be supported

How often?

One per year for practitioners working with 2, 3 and 4 year olds.

Capita One Better Start Portal Support and Training

The Better Start Portal provides a secure way for Early Education providers to input data for children in their setting at key points, with simple reports that can show patterns and trends and support in house analysis.

Because the Better Start Portal is part of the Capita One Provider Portal, children’s information will be mostly pre-populated through completion of the Headcount.

By sharing assessment information we will be able to have an overview of children’s   needs in Bolton that will support better delivery of services and partnership working. Each term providers will be asked to submit assessment information. The submission date for each term will be aligned with the Headcount schedule in the Autumn, Spring andSummer.