Start Well Early Years Foundation Stage Offer for Childminders

Start Well Targeted Offer for Childminders

Personalised Support Visits

These targeted visits are available for:

  • Childminders who are Vulnerable to Requires Improvement in a particular area;
  • Providers requesting follow up support from a Start Well visit / training;
  • Childminders with funded children;
  • Newly registered childminders (up to 12 months from registration);
  • Childminders graded as Requires Improvement or Inadequate by Ofsted;

Childminders can request additional support to focus on a specific area of EYFS practice or to embed the Every Child Training. Where childminders have a Requires Improvement or Inadequate Ofsted inspection outcome or for more in depth support, they will be offered support to develop and review an action plan that will secure improvement. Then visits will be agreed and organised according to what has been identified. The number of support visits will vary according to need.

The support may be for childminders to implement effective safeguarding and welfare requirements or to improve children’s progress and outcomes. Where improvements have been identified relating to Communication and Language, the Start Well Communication and Language Development Team may provide support.

Activity will be recorded on a note of visit and other resources such as audit tools and templates may be provided.

Outcomes of personalised support visits:

  • Every Child training is embedded;
  • Supports leaders and managers to evaluate their provision and know how they can improve it or maintain its high standards;
  • Key priorities, actions required, success criteria and timescales are clearly identified and addressed;
  • Working to improve outcomes for all children including the most vulnerable.

Newly Registered Childminder Network Meetings

What happens at this meeting?

This is a network meeting for newly registered Childminders (up to the first inspection). The Start Well Quality and Outcomes Team will coordinate a personalised EYFS support programme organised according to the needs of the group. All newly registered childminders are invited to join a newly registered childminder network.

Contact us for more information.

How often will these meetings be held?

Newly Registered Childminder Network Meetings will be held termly (three per year) and last for 2 hours.

SEND Support Visits


These visits will ensure SEND pathways are utilised effectively by the setting.

What happens on these visits?

Start Well SEND visits have the following purposes:

  1. The SEND Manager will support providers to complete applications for Inclusion funding, including understanding of Early Help processes in Bolton;
  2. Inclusion fund monitoring visits from the SEND Manager will help the SENCO to track progress to intended outcomes; and
  3. The SEND Outreach Support Teacher will provide SENCO support and advice aboutindividual children.

Supporting Transition for children with SEND

  • Transitions can be a difficult time for children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities. Moving up into a different room in nursery or school needs to be carefully planned for and managed to support the child’s individual needs.
  • Childminders working with children with SEND can request support to plan the transition for children with SEND in your setting, with opportunities for questions and discussions.