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Resource: Mark Making to Writing Journey


Bolton early years providers can order a copy of the high quality resource ‘The Mark Making to Writing Journey’. The following resources can be collected from Harvey Start Well Centre upon prior request: The Early Communication and Language Journey Mark Making to Writing The Number Journey These resources provide a framework for development and an ongoing reference tool for use back in your setting. Bolton providers only. One of each resource per setting.

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This guidance has been designed to support practitioners to conquer the challenging task of helping children from birth to 60mths+ develop the physical skills needed to write. It recognises that all children are unique and acknowledges that young children grow and mature at different rates.

Emphasis is placed on unpicking the typical and broad physical stages of writing outlined in Development Matters. Focus has been placed on nurturing communication, gross motor skills (using large muscles in the legs, upper body, shoulders, stamina and strength) and fine motor skills (use of smaller muscles in the arms, hands and fingers) that enable children to effectively make marks and eventually become fluent writers.