Foundation Years: Webinar Recorded 29th November 2023

Foundation Years

Update on Childcare Expansion, upcoming EYFS changes, findings from the evaluation '2021 EYFS Reforms' and an overview of the child development math module.

Foundation Years aim to provide news and updates on policy and practice to the Early Years sector as a whole. It is their aim to engage, connect and support best practice.


On the 29th November, a webinar was recorded with the following agenda items:

  1. Update on Childcare Expansion (Department for Education)
  2. Upcoming EYFS changes (Department for Education)
  3. Findings from the evaluation '2021 EYFS Reforms' (Department for Education)
  4. Overview of the child development training Maths Module (Early Education)

The webinar recording is 2 hours long. It can be paused or listened to in sections if needed.

Access the Foundation Years webinar here: Foundation Years Online Webinar - 29th November 2023 


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Published: 5th December 2023