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Course Description

This E-Learning package is available upon request to access any time.

Phase 1 Phonics is part of the essential Every Child Training resources that Bolton Start Well have developed to support practitioners in developing a strong curriculum offer for every child. 

The E-learning course is designed for practitioners working with funded 3 and 4 year old children, with a focus on quality teaching in developing phonological awareness, the building blocks for reading and writing. 

During the course, you will explore the contents of Letters and Sounds Phase 1 Teaching Programme and consider effective practice for developing phonological awareness for children working developmentally 30 months plus.

You will need a copy of the Letters and Sounds: Principle and Practice of High Quality Phonics - Phase 1 Teaching Programme to use whilst watching this session.  If you do not have a copy in your school or setting, you can download it free here. The resource is produced by the Department for Children, Schools and Families,  

What will I learn?

During this course, you will:

  • Explore developmentally appropriate activities to support children’s early phonics including:
    • General sound discrimination
    • Rhythm and rhyme
    • Alliteration and oral blending
    • Segmenting (skills required for reading and writing)
  • Identify ways in which an 'enabling environment' can support children’s phonological development;


Delivered by: Bolton Start Well Service, Quality and Outcomes Team


Who is this workshop for?

This E-learning training is aimed at all practitioners working with funded 3 and 4 year old children and their families.

Booking Arrangements

Please complete the booking online section above. 

If you are booking on behalf of other members of staff, you must provide individual names and email addresses for each person in the 'Additional Information' section of the booking form to complete registration.  Generic email addresses such as manager@, office@ or email addresses in the name of the nursery not the individual will not be accepted.

When registration is complete, a welcome email will be issued and you can then access the E-learning platform here.

If you already have access to the E-learning platform, please email to have this course added to your training record.

E-mail if you need assistance when booking online or accessing this E-learning course.

Course Delivery

Once enrolled, you can complete this E-learning course anytime, at your own pace. 

Please note: to get the most out of this training, delegates will need to allocate at least 2 hours to complete the course.  You will be able to stop, start and revisit the modules as and when needed. 

On completion of this course, a certificate will be issued automatically.

E-mail: if you need assistance with this course or have any issues whilst accessing the E-learning platform.