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Introduction to the Role of the Communication Champion | E-learning


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Course Description

This E-Learning package is available upon request to access any time.

The training provides an overview of the role of the Communication Champion as well as the knowledge required to support good adult-child interaction. This is essential training for those who are new to this role.

Communication and Language Surgery Dates

Following completion of this E-learning training, the Start Well Communication and Language Development Team invite you to attend one of the Communication and Language Surgeries (online drop-in) to access further support and consolidate your learning.  Please come along ready to discuss any communication and language elements you would like further clarification around or support with. 

Book onto a suitable date from those listed below via:

Surgery dates 2022/23

Daytime (3:30pm - 4:30pm) Evening (6:30pm - 7:30pm)
19th January 2022 17th February 2022
15th March 2022 21st April 2022
11th May 2022 9th June 2022
6th July 2022 29th September 2022
19th October 2022 24th November 2022
14th December 2022 19th January 2023
15th February 2023 16th March 2023










You must complete the E-learning training prior to attending one of the above surgery dates.


What will I learn?

This module introduces the role of the Communication Champion and focuses on supporting practitioners to understand the role of the Communication Champion and how to embed this work effectively in setting.

By the end of this E-learning training, you will:

  • Have an understanding of the important role of the Communication Champion and what this entails;
  • Be able to share this information with your wider staff team;
  • Have an understanding of key communication messages and how to share these effectively with your staff team;
  • Begin to see the importance of embedding communication and language aspects, in all planning, for all children in setting; and
  • Find out about additional training available, to develop your knowledge and skills in this area.

Communication Champions should look out for further training and briefings available to upskill champions in their role. Communication Champions briefings are held on a termly basis.  


Delivered by: Bolton Start Well Service, Communication and Language Development Team


Who is this course for?

This training is aimed at Communication Champions, Room Leaders and Early Years Practitioners.

Booking Arrangements

Please complete the booking online section above. 

If you are booking on behalf of other members of staff, you must provide individual names and email addresses for each person in the 'Additional Information' section of the booking form to complete registration.  Generic email addresses such as manager@, office@ or email addresses in the name of the nursery not the individual will not be accepted.

When registration is complete, a welcome email will be issued and you can then access the E-learning platform here.

If you already have access to the E-learning platform, please email to have this course added to your training record.

E-mail if you need assistance when booking online or accessing this E-learning course.

Course Delivery

Once enrolled, you can complete this E-learning course anytime, at your own pace. 

Please note: to get the most out of this training, delegates will need to allocate at least 1 hour to complete the course.  You will be able to stop, start and revisit the modules as and when needed. 

On completion of this course, a certificate will be issued automatically.

E-mail: if you need assistance with this course or have any issues whilst accessing the E-learning platform.