SEND and Inclusion


Transitions can be a difficult time for children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities, moving up into a different room in nursery or moving to school needs to be carefully planned for and managed to support the child’s individual needs.

Most children will have their reception place confirmed around April. It is important to make contact with the school to begin to make plans for their transition as soon as possible after this date. You may choose to have a meeting to plan this transition, inviting the child’s parents, key person, SENCO and/or teacher from the new setting, to discuss how you will manage the transition process.

It is important that, with parental consent, you share your records of SEN Support and Early Help Assessment with the new setting so that they are able to see how far the child has come and what support is in place. At your meeting, you can decide at what point the Early Help Assessment will be transferred onto the new Lead Professional at the new setting.

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