Early Years Update - 19 06 2020

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Weekly update to EYFS providers.

Dear Colleagues,

I hope that you are all well, I recognise it has been another busy week.

In this week’s Update Email there are a number of attachments and links for you.

Attachments today include:

The Impact of COVID -19 on BAME communities

Linked here is a slide set from a presentation led by Public Health to schools discussing the impact of COVID -19 on BAME communities.

I hope you find this helpful.

COVID information sessions and workshops for the sector

This information has also been shared in the Bolton Early Years COVID closed group on Facebook. Bolton Start Well are planning to work with Hempsalls to provide COVID information sessions and workshops for the sector, in sector specific sessions.

This will be free of charge.

1) COVID-19 Recovery online information sessions: ‘Finding Your Way Through’

60-90 minute information sessions for all types of early years and childcare provider (we recommend considering separate sessions for nurseries, childminders, and sessional providers). 20 plus providers at each session.

The aim of the session:

  • To help everyone to have readily accessible and clear information they need
  • To support the making sense of available information
  • To outline actions providers should or could have done
  • To explore business issues and considerations for reopening or not
  • Sharing frequently asked questions, and an opportunity to ask questions

2) COVID-19 Recovery online ‘Managing Business Futures’ workshops

60-90 minute active workshop sessions for all types of early years and childcare provider (we recommend considering separate sessions for nurseries, childminders, and sessional providers).


  • Balancing service delivery with safety and financial sustainability
  • Using tools and frameworks
  • Coping with uncertainty and unknowns
  • Questions and answers.

Please will you indicate if you would like to attended one or both of the options above. Please either vote on the Facebook poll or email your preference to StartWellDevelopmentTeam@bolton.gov.uk 

All responses to be collected by Wednesday 24th June. Further details will then follow.

Childcare information video

‘ Keeping everyone safe as your child returns to early education and childcare in Bolton’

A short video to support parents and carers to understand the implication on childcare as more children are able to access early education places.

It may be helpful to share with your parent and staff;


Early Years Reserve payment

Approval has been given to allocate the early years reserve that has been held as a contingency. There is £245k available and this will be allocated to settings. It will cover all settings (private providers, maintained nurseries, nursery classes) and will be allocated pro rata, based on the funded hours of both 2 and 3&4 year olds during 2019-20.

The payment should be received in bank accounts on the 25th June and the remittance will say “distribution of early years reserve”.

OOSC recovery plan meeting

Annex A’ (stand-alone) OOSCs recovery plan meeting: This was an initial meeting to discuss the issue that Annex A OOSCs are facing and give them an opportunity to begin to discuss recovery planning.

Minutes are linked here.

The next meeting is scheduled for 2nd July in the morning.

PVIs with OOSC offering wraparound; We are also planning to email to invite all OOSCs with PVIs to a meeting, further information to follow.

Further briefing meetings

We are in the process of developing a digital offer to support EYFS training and briefings. We hope that we will be able to share the development of this work shortly.

New learning network launched for early years workers

Colleagues across Greater Manchester have shared this resource.

Anna Freud Centre is launching ‘Early Years in Mind’, a unique new learning network aimed at early years workers.

Anna freud learning network

Anna freud learning network

The learning network will offer early years workers guidance and information to help them improve the mental health and development of the babies and children in their care. Some of the aims of the network are to enable the Centre to share its learning more widely, and turn its expertise and key research findings into practice. It will also provide opportunities for the Centre to collect insights from those working at a grass roots level.

Alongside a digital platform, Early Years in Mind will provide an outlet for professionals and communities to connect with each other, share knowledge, and find ways to work together to create a shared approach to supporting the under fives. https://www.annafreud.org/insights/news/2020/06/new-learning-network-launched-for-early-years-workers/


If you would like support and advice, our team will be on hand to call you.

Please contact the office on: 01204 33 8149 or email startwellbookings@bolton.gov.uk and you will be directed to the right person.


Helen Shearer


Published: 19th June 2020