Managing Winter Illness

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Bolton NHS Foundation Trust have released their winter illness advice - please read and share.

We are approaching winter and are beginning to see a rise in illness including respiratory and gastrointestinal disease. 

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust have issued a number of useful tools that provide general guidance, prevention and care advice for use in schools, nurseries, playgroups, childminder and for families across the Bolton borough.

The NHS advise a proactive, preventative approach.  A policy on management and exclusion of children and staff members due to illness should be decided by the school or care setting itself.

Please find below a letter from the NHS along with sample letters for parents and carers, and a number of other useful links:

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust Letter 2019

The e-bug resource

Respiratory hygiene and general outbreak infection control advice - schools and childcare settings

Norovirus - sample letter to parents and carers

Flu and respiratory illness - sample letter to parents and carers

Handwashing A5

PHE Spotty-Book 2017

Flu Man - poster

Correct handwashing




Published: November 28th 2019