Vacancy: Level 3 Nursery Practitioner, Room Leader

Job vacancy

Vacancy: The Red House Nursery. Closing date: 15th April 2022

Job Title: Level 3 Nursery Practitioner: Room Leader

Employer: The Red House Nursery

Location38 Smithills Croft Rd, Bolton BL1 6LN

Salary: To be discussed

Grade: Level 3

Working hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm/9:00am - 6:00pm or 8:00am - 6:00pm and a half-day leave weekly

Closing date: 15th April 2022

Job Overview

The ideal candidate will:

  • make sure the children that attend the Red House Nursery receive the highest possible standard of childcare and professional practice
  • model responsible and appropriate behaviour of a high standard
  • be responsible to your Deputy Manager, Manager and Owner, and to follow any tasks given by your senior officers, displaying a professional attitude to your work
  • monitor, motivate, guide and supervise and mentor nursery practitioners deployed in your ‘room’ to ensure that they are carrying out their duties to the best of their abilities
  • following nursery policies and procedures, leading by your example of undertaking these duties by completing and fulfilling all of nursery requirements  
  • delegate duties and responsibilities when required
  • assist the nursery management team and other senior members of staff in the promotion and maintaining of a warm, clean, stimulating and caring environment - Everyone has a responsibility to ensure that this is carried out
  • deal with and attend to any child’s physical, emotional, and social needs whilst offering the children the opportunity to develop in their language skills
  • supervise the children at snack time and meal times, developing the children’s manner and social skills and to encourage independence   
  • maintaining cleanliness of all rooms and areas, cleaning up at meal times. To keep all rooms tidy, this includes any outdoor area
  • ensure that displays are displayed in an attractive manner and are always maintained and are being put up in time and are children’s own work
  • undertake the Observation, Assessment and Planning cycle, to plan for individual groups of children  
  • provide, implement and participate in a variety of activities that are age and stage appropriate for the child/ren
  • ensure staff are focused on children’s learning, advising and guiding staff of the OAP cycle and that the EYFS is implemented in full
  • be aware of each child’s ability, encouraging and developing their self-esteem and independence
  • recognise the role that parents have already played in the early education of their child and that their continued involvement is crucial to their child’s learning
  • communicate with parents of your room each day, to discuss the child’s day in a positive and encouraging manner
  • always be polite, and greet both parents and children with a friendly hello and good morning
  • make sure that the nursery is a safe and healthy environment through monitoring and observing
  • report to any concerns to our Health and Safety Co-ordinator, and to report to management
  • seek advice of a designated first aider in the event of a child having an accident at nursery
  • complete any necessary paperwork as and when required
  • make sure that the health, personal hygiene and dignity of each child in the nursery is maintained
  • listen to, and be supportive to other staff, students and volunteers - mentor students and provide them with their induction if they are working in your room
  • hold weekly/daily discussions with your team at the beginning and end of the day, in order to ensure that information is passed to all staff, letter that are given so straight home etc.  

For more information, please contact Sarah Scanlon or Samantha Bailey on 01204 840484


Published: 25th March 2022