Play Move Learn Conference

Sam Baron

26 March 2018

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Play Move Learn Conference

Play Move Learn Conference

Sheron Kantor, Start Well Service Quality and Outcomes Senior Consultant tells us more about the Play, Move, Learn Conference that took place on 24th March – and why physical activity is so important for child development in the early years.

How did you spend your weekend?

You may be forgiven for thinking that we were robbed at gunpoint.

But this was just one of the activities that took place during the Play, Move and Learn conference on Saturday 24th March 2018.

This was the half-day conference which focused on physical development in the early years. The outline of the day consisted of keynote speeches from Dr Lala Manners, presentations from Trish Maude (International Physical Literacy Association), Elaine Wyllie (founder of the Daily Mile) and Stacy Copeland (A former footballer and FA Cup finalist and a silver medallist in the 2014 European Amateur Boxing Championships).

I was keen to hear how the daily mile got started. Elaine Wyllie talked enthusiastically about the impact that the 15 minutes of exercise is making to children health and life chances.

Seeing images of children across the country running, skipping and strolling during the daily mile encouraged me to dust of my trainers.

Trish Maude’s presentation on Physical Literacy challenged us to value the potential of moving and movement to enrich young children’s lives.

I would highly recommend booking Stacey Copeland to inspire your children to achieve their goals. I had to stop myself from jumping off my seat and giving her a standing ovation at the start and during her motivational speech.

A big thank you goes out to all the delegates that participated in my Mark Making to Writing Journey Workshop. This was an action packed workshop exploring the physical act of writing. I thoroughly enjoyed delivering some key messages about typical milestones, active learning, responsive teaching skills and lots more.

I also piloted two new mark making activities to support children to ascribe meaning to marks and strengthen manual dexterity, which went down a storm.

If you would like to support your children to effectively engage in the physical act of writing, don’t miss out on the next round of Mark Making to Writing Journey training on 15th May 2018.